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"I have worked on various consumer and commercial products with Bay Area Innovations. Their knowledge of design and process was always on target. They have a deep understanding of the manufacturing cycle from concept, material choices and final production process."

Charles Koch, VP, 3Axis Development

"Bay Area Innovations has demonstrated their expertise of SolidWorks on the project we worked on together. They have a vast knowledge of mechanical design including injection molding, milling and machining. I highly recommend Bay Area Innovations for any projects requiring detailed mechanical design."

Nathan Metzger, Sr. Electrical Engineer, 3D Systems

"Bay Area Innovations did a great job working on the design of our iTube light in 2008. They were creative, and delivered on time and on budget. I definitely recommend their services. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative"

Dave McKnight, Owner, Aquallusions

"I have worked with Bay Area Innovations on a project that was for a customer of mine. Their work was extremely detailed and professionally done. I have already recommended Bay Area Innovations on several occasions and have never been disappointed by doing so."

Scott Coffield, Hedrick Walker & Associates

"Bay Area Innovations possessed excellent organizational skills and had an eye for detail in the work that they performed. They were very flexible in terms of the job tasks that they were willing and able to perform. During the period when Bay Area Innovations was under contract, they responded positively to feedback and was open about our future goals and desires."

Donna M. Webb, V.P. of Operations, Sunovia Energy Technologies

"I would recommend Bay Area Innovations, they are highly motivated, works well with others and very knowledgeable."

Deborah Thomas, Sr. Procurement Specialist, Sunovia Energy Technology

"A very capable company with good skills in designing and implementation of projects. Quite able to present their ideas in simple terms for all to understand. Brings projects to completion in a timely manner. A very good asset to have on your team"

Joe Wellisch, Partner, Advantage Components (Hong Kong) LTD.

"Bay Area Innovations possess unique talents to solve complex tasks. They are an out of the box type company who relies on their years of experience to overcome industrial challenges. I would highly recommend Bay Area Innovations for any engineering opportunities available."

Jonathan Kio, Mechanical Engineer, Axiom Worldwide

"Bay Area Innovations is a creative, hardworking engineer design firm with solid skills. They have repeatedly demonstrated their proficiency within solid modeling software. While working with them at Axiom, they created at least 200 parts for several large high-value medical devices. These included plastic molded parts, machined metal and sheet metal. I have also worked with Bay Area Innovations as an independent engineer to design complex, multi-part plastic enclosures for a very high-tech opto-electronic battery-operated handheld device. Bay Area Innovations envisioned our needs quickly and developed an enclosure that was perfect. It was a great experience for all involved. Bay Area Innovations greatest strength lies not only in their technical abilities but in their organizational and communicative skills. They are very good at coordinating a design meeting with both technical and management members. I am always certain that Bay Area Innovations is making progress without supervision."

Andrew DeWeerd, Design Engineer, Dolphin Medical

"Bay Area Innovations is a very talented engineer firm with great foresight and knowledge of the craft. They are a great team of guys and would be a tremendous asset to any company. I highly recommend them."

Jim Badders, New Product Manager, GM Nameplate

"Bay Area Innovations is a quick learner, and knows how to get down to business to get the job done. Their quality of work was excellent."

Brian Brickeen, Senior Research Associate, Penn State Electro-Optics Center

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