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Reverse Engineering

Bay Area Innovations uses reverse engineering to carefully study, understand and improve our client's products. We have years of experience disassembling and assembling entire products, components and subcomponents to detect any flaws in the original design so as to produce a better product.

3D Scanning Services

Bay Area Innovations provides 3D scanning services to customers throughout different industries. Reverse engineering, dimensional inspection, and 3D design services are performed either onsite or at our facility.

Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning Services

Exact Part Replication

We can recreate any part to spec to ensure proper fitment, detect any flaw in the original design and to improve components and subcomponents of the selected product.

Product Improvement

By disassembling existing products we can determine where the flaws lay in the design and see where else we can structurally improve the product to enhance its overall performance.

CAD Creation

Advances in CAD technology have lowered costs, improved efficiencies and extended benefits to a host of new applications and industries. But despite increasingly sophisticated CAD automation tools that have dramatically increased speeds for many CAD processes, there is still a need for skilled draftsmen and technicians to carry out mission-critical tasks in virtually any CAD application. Bay Area Innovations bridges that gap.

Manufacturing Process Change

For small to mid-size manufacturers, we provide a well-constructed manufacturing process that maximizes the capabilities of your tools, parts and available labor. This is an essential part of an efficient go-to-market strategy.

CAD Creation and Manufacturing

Manufacturing Drawing Creation

From concept to manufacturing, Bay Area Innovations provides you with the support and tools necessary to make your needs, vision and/or business idea a solid and steadfast reality, no matter what the industry. Our team is dedicated to the goal of obtaining perfection while keeping cost, time and resources in mind and exploring all possibilities and options to ensure your project begins with a solid base. Get your free quote here.

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