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LED Luminaire Design & Analysis

Bay Area Innovations stands at the cutting edge of LED Luminaire design, analysis and applications. With a deep understanding and ample knowledge on LED capabilities and applications we are able to provide our customers with solutions that are cost effective, practical and innovative.

LED Core Design LED Core Design

LEDs offer benefits such as small size, long lamp life, low heat output, energy savings and durability. They also allow extraordinary design flexibility in color changing, dimming and distribution by combining these small units into desired shapes, colors, sizes and lumen packages. We take full advantage of this to bring LEDs to applications previously thought to be impossible. Our cores are design with maximum efficiency in mind.

LED Skin Design

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PCBA Design & Layout

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Full Fixture Design

From LED Cores, to Mounts, to shades, Bay Area Innovations covers the full spectrum of LED fixtures and applications. We support some of the leading companies in LED technology and development. Bay Area Innovations has developed practical yet unique ways to apply this efficient and clean technology to everyday uses.

Thermal Heatsink Integration

As a leading thermal management company, Bay Area Innovations has successfully designed thermal and heat sink solutions for a wide range of microelectronic and industrial applications, maximizing the lifespan of the LED core.

Thermal Analysis Bay

Area Innovations offers product and component level thermal analysis to achieve the most optimal thermal design. Through a process of analysis, simulation, and design, Bay Area Innovations is able to offer the most sophisticated levels of thermal management while focusing on future production cost of the design. Our expertise and experience in the thermal management field will ensure a high performing product.

From concept to manufacturing, Bay Area Innovations provides you with the support and tools necessary to make your needs, vision and/or business idea a solid and steadfast reality, no matter what the industry. Our team is dedicated to the goal of obtaining perfection while keeping cost, time and resources in mind and exploring all possibilities and options to ensure your project begins with a solid base. Get your free quote here

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