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Design Analysis

Bay Area Innovation's team of engineers evaluates the structural integrity of systems and components subjected from/to complex loads - transient, thermal, static and dynamic, etc. We use the latest in software and analysis techniques to ensure the structural integrity and effectiveness of your product and our design.

Stress Analysis (FEA)

Bay Area Innovations perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA), commonly referred to as Stress Analysis as part of our suite of Design Services. Finite Element Analysis can be used to identify the cause of in-service failures of existing products and then deploy to design and optimize viable solutions within the constraints of the existing geometry.

Thermal Analysis

Bay Area Innovations offers product and component level thermal analysis to achieve the most optimal thermal design. Through a process of analysis, simulation, and design, Bay Area Innovations is able to offer the most sophisticated levels of thermal management while focusing on future production cost of the design. Our expertise and experience in the thermal management field will ensure a high performing product.

Flow Analysis

Along with stress and thermal analysis, we also perform flow analysis to optimize the dissipation of heat and ensure a design well equipped to handle the demands of airflow versus heat dissipation.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

To ensure the cost and time effectiveness of your product we follow the logic of Design for Manufacturing. Optimizing the manufacturability, production process, and assembly of your product will ensure not only a smooth transition in between steps but also a lower production cost for a high possibility of profit.

Assembly Optimization

Utilizing novel and innovative ideas along with traditional and proven techniques, we minimize the mass of the structure while keeping displacement and stress within allowable values while taking into account safety criteria and profile size changes.

From concept to manufacturing, Bay Area Innovations provides you with the support and tools necessary to make your needs, vision and/or business idea a solid and steadfast reality, no matter what the industry. Our team is dedicated to the goal of obtaining perfection while keeping cost, time and resources in mind and exploring all possibilities and options to ensure your project begins with a solid base. Get your free quote here

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