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Product Design

Bay Area Innovations maintains a client list from varied industries in order to provide trends, materials, strategies and technologies across the medical, consumer, commercial and military markets. This cross-reference process of experience, ideas and development results in a solid and trust worthy product innovations though the novel use of technologies, materials, manufacturing processes and finishes.

Medical Product Engineering

Bay Area Innovations has a vast amount of medical product design and development experience. The product design team at Bay Area Innovations has designed and engineered hundreds of medical products ranging from orthopedic pillows to CAT scan systems. Our experience and flexibility is just a small part of what makes us one of the leading forces in the innovation and design of medical products.

Military Products Engineering

Engineering is a continuously evolving discipline. Improvements in material technology, machining tolerances, surface finishes, heat treating techniques, casting methods, surface coatings, forging technology, welding practices and assembly techniques are constantly pursued by our engineering staff for integration into our products. This constant pursuit of perfection and growth keeps us ahead of the industry standard and allows us to exceed our customers' needs and expectations.

Consumer Products Engineering

Our customer's vision and needs are met by our expertise in design software such as SolidWorks and DraftSite. As a result, we bring a logical and innovative approach to our customer's projects, turning out products that are novel yet easy to use by the everyday consumer.

Part & Components Design

Bay Area Innovations also welcomes single parts or component development projects. Our team is highly skilled in understanding what is needed to create a cost effective and solid solution to complete your project. Utilizing casting and mold injection, we provide a physically accurate prototype that allows us to ensure proper form and fit of the individual part to the overall product.

Fuctional Prototype Design

Our functional prototypes are designed to simulate the properties of the final product in as many ways as possible. This can include electrical properties such as EMI resistance as well as physical properties such as weight, heat deflection and strength. Functional models are used to verify the performance of the design in various operating environments. They enable our engineers to evaluate our designs early in the development process, while it is still cost-effective to incorporate any needed changes.

From concept to manufacturing, no matter what industry, Bay Area Innovations provides you with the support and tools necessary to make your needs, vision and/or business idea a solid and reliable reality. Our team is dedicated to the goal of obtaining perfection while keeping cost, time and resources in mind and exploring all possibilities and options to ensure your project begins with a solid base. Get your free quote here.

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