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Product Technical Documentation

A huge advantage of technical publications or engineering documentation is that you as a manufacturer have a powerful tool to generate high quality 3D and 2D images, models and animations, which go a long way in dealing with your clients and making your products popular.

CAD Conversions

Our CAD Conversion Services provide you with accurate and editable versions of your scanned / hard copy drawings. The CAD Conversions we deliver can be opened, viewed and edited in your CAD software as you would to any originally drafted CAD drawings. This is simply because we manually re-draft all of your original hard-copy or raster based drawings in CAD. These CAD conversions are not only easily editable but are also dimensionally accurate.

Manufacturing Documentation Packages

We provide documentation in the source file format (e.g. Orcad, Pads, Allegro, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MS Excel, MS Word, Gerber, etc.) and also in PDF format. Documentation is posted to our password protected FTP site for client review.

Product Specification Sheets

For accurate and detailed information, Bay Area Innovations also provides Product Specification Sheets or Spec Sheets along with our designs. We produce spec sheets in most formats available.

Installation Drawings

In order to optimize the manufacturing process, Bay Area Innovations can facilitate installation drawings. This ensures the best way to put together and install our client's products.

Patent Drawings

Your patent application needs accurate, high quality patent drawings to get your patent granted throughout the world. Bay Area Innovations provides intellectual property support services for patent and trademark attorneys, for intellectual property departments and patent law firms of all sizes throughout the U.S.

Product Brochures

We offer an array of different brochure designs specially tailored to your company's image, needs and target audience. Our design team is very knowledgeable and creative with a sophisticated taste in design and a broad knowledge on the current trends and techniques.

From concept to manufacturing, Bay Area Innovations provides you with the support and tools necessary to make your needs, vision and/or business idea a solid and steadfast reality, no matter what the industry. Our team is dedicated to the goal of obtaining perfection while keeping cost, time and resources in mind and exploring all possibilities and options to ensure your project begins with a solid base. Get your free quote here

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